The entertainment programs in prime time during the TV season “Spring 2021”.

Every spring and autumn, the big commercial televisions compete for the attention of the viewers with interesting and popular entertainment formats. The announcement of the new titles and their strategic arrangement in the television program are eagerly awaited. In the last season there was no shortage of those that provided hours of entertainment and emotions to viewers in front of TV screen. Below in the table we present highlights from the weekly prime time program of the two leading televisions bTV and Nova:

It is obvious that on weekdays, in the same time zone and day, for the attention of the viewers compete the entertainment programs “MasterChef” on bTV and “Power couple” on Nova TV. The other clash is on Sunday night, when “Bulgaria’s got talent” and “Paparazzi” on bTV compete for viewers against the new title on Nova TV – “Rachkov’s forbidden show”.

We have analyzed the performance of the programs for target group A 15-64 and we present to you in separate charts for bTV and for Nova TV the average ratings in all seasons of the specific programs. The graphic information is supplemented with tabular data for rating of the first and last episodes, average rating, average audience (in thousands of people) and number of episodes during the Spring 2021 season. Repetitions of broadcasts are excluded from the analysis to eliminate data distortion:

Source: GARB Audience Measurement Bulgaria. Period: 01.01.2010-30.05.2021.
Source: GARB Audience Measurement Bulgaria. Period: 01.01.-30.05.2021.

Last spring, the well-known shows “MasterChef”, “Home makeover” and “Bulgaria’s got talent” found a place on bTV, which has the highest average rating in 2021 – 13.2% (or around 608,000 viewers per episode in average). In 13 episodes of castings and live broadcasts of semifinals and finals, viewers witnessed a contested competition of talented participants of all ages for the title “Talent of Bulgaria” and a prize of BGN 50,000. The format is well known to the audience, but this year marks a decline in viewership. Compared to 2019, when the show was last broadcast, its average rating dropped by 20%. It is worth noting the strong performance of the first episode for 2021, but the show failed to keep the interest of the audience and next episodes reported a significantly lower rating. The difference in the rating of the first and last episode is 27%.

“MasterChef” is the other established over the years production of bTV, which follows the competition of the best hobby chefs in the country. The challenges in MasterChef’s kitchen are also well known to the audience. The interest, generated by the show’s seventh season, is the lowest compared to all previous ones – 9.04% (or about 417,000 viewers per episode on average). Compared to the previous season, this represents a drop in the average rating by 15%.

A drop in viewership was also noted by “Home makeover”, whose social character is unique to our market. The show reached an average rating for all 11 episodes of 9.4% (or about 433,000 viewers on average per episode) and this for the production is the season with the lowest viewer interest.

Nova TV’s spring program was also saturated – with the imposed entertainment show “Your face sounds familiar”, the format “Power couple”, testing the participating couples and the new entertainment talk show – “Rachkov’s forbidden show”:

Source: GARB Audience Measurement Bulgaria. Period: 01.01.2013-30.05.2021.
Source: GARB Audience Measurement Bulgaria. Period: 01.01.-30.05.2021.

The highest average rating among them is reported for the 9th season of “Your face sounds familiar” – 15.8% (about 729,000 viewers on average per episode), which gathered its best participants from previous seasons in competition for the audience vote. Despite the selection of stars, this show also marks a decline in viewership by 10% compared to the results achieved in 2020.

“Rachkov’s forbidden show”, which every Sunday night was in direct competition with the leader of bTV – “Bulgaria’s got talent” and the tabloid “Paparazzi”, is distinguished by a good performance. The entertaining and humorous content is liked by the viewers and they rank it second among the show programs of Nova with an average rating for the season of 12.21% (about 564,000 viewers on average per episode). Impressive are the high results of the first and last episode, which were strategically broadcast a week after the start and respectively after the end of the alternative on bTV – “Bulgaria’s got talent”.

On third place in terms of viewership on Nova TV with an average rating of 11.66% (or about 538,000 viewers on average per episode) is the 2nd season of the show “Power couple”. Despite the reported decline of 6% of the average rating compared to the previous season, this is a format that keeps the audience’s interest stable in all 41 episodes. The challenges and emotions that the couples go through continue to excite the audience in the 2nd season.

From the presented data we can summarize that all programs with more than one season show a decline in their average ratings, which is a clear sign that the audience needs a content refreshment.

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