Which Bulgarian series are the favorites of the viewers during the past spring TV season?

The entertainment shows and the series produced in Bulgaria presented another portion of amusement to the TV viewers last spring. The interesting plot lines and the diverse cast distinguished the series and found their fans among all ages. In the table we have schematically marked the main titles on weekdays in prime time of the two leading televisions, bTV and Nova, and in this article we will focus on the Bulgarian series:

It is notable that the arrangement of all titles is strategic and contrasts new or already established series and shows. For example, the reserved time slot of bTV for a hit Turkish series at 20:00 o’clock against the imposed in Nova TV programs – “Your face sound familiar” on Monday, “Stolen life” on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and “Kitchen nightmares” on Friday. It is obvious that both televisions broadcast Bulgarian series at the same time only on Friday night at 21:00 o’clock. “All Inclusive” and “Sunny Beach” are light and entertaining series and attract an audience with a preference to the same comedy content.

With the charts below we give you the opportunity to assess how successfully each of the domestic series has presented itself. The information visualizes the achieved average ratings for the wide target audience “all aged 15-64” (A 15-64), and we trace them back in time from the first broadcast season:

Source: GARB Audience Measurement Bulgaria. Period: 01.01.2020-30.05.2021.
Source: GARB Audience Measurement Bulgaria. Period: 01.01.2016-30.05.2021.

The charts contain data only for the Bulgarian series broadcast in the spring of 2021. Unlike Nova TV, which constantly invests in its successful series and relies on them, the bTV chart contains information only about the two Bulgarian titles broadcast this year. This does not mean that in recent years bTV did not support other Bulgarian series. “Citizens in excess”, “Relationships” and “Dear Heirs” are the titles that the media broadcast in the past years and continues to broadcast them in the present, but our analysis is focused only on the new seasons, skipping the reruns.

The tables below contain information on the ratings of the first and last episode, the average rating per season, the average audience reached in thousands of people per episode and the number of episodes in the last TV season and the data are for the target audience A 15-64.

Source: GARB Audience Measurement Bulgaria. Period: 01.01-30.05.2021.

Last spring, the Bulgarian series returned to the air of bTV, which in recent seasons have been a hallmark of Nova TV. One of them is “Sunny Beach”, whose premiere episodes aired in the spring of 2020. The series is a romantic comedy that brings together famous artists from different generations in a modern sea adventure. Interest in the series declines with 38% this year compared to 2020. The reason for this decline is the fact that in February and March 2020 the first four episodes were broadcast, after which, due to the announcement of state of emergency in the country, the media decided to stop all its productions. The show resumed airing this year, but the first four episodes were repeated. Another thing that makes an impression is that the production maintains an average rating close to the first and last episode and manages to maintain the interest of the audience from beginning to end.

Unlike “Sunny Beach”, the series “Scars” started with high audience interest but failed to keep it until the last episode. The final series reached a 3.77% rating, which is 53% below the result of the first episode. In essence, the series is a contemporary family drama and is a remake of a dramatic Turkish series from 2019.

Source: GARB Audience Measurement Bulgaria. Period: 01.01-30.05.2021.

This year, viewers of Nova TV had the opportunity to enjoy the sequels of the series “Stolen Life”, “Brothers” and “All Inclusive”. They were joined by the current title “Missing PD”, which attracted viewers every Friday. Famous actors take part in the production, which carry the TV viewers into an intriguing criminal plot. Unfortunately, the new series of Nova TV failed to establish itself and ranks last in terms of average rating – 7.4%.

In the spring of 2021, viewers also witnessed the final 11th season of the medical drama “Stolen Life”. Despite its long life, the series holds the attention of the audience and enjoys an average rating close to that of the previous season – 9.6%. The difference in the results of the first and last episode is minimal, which means that fans of the series follow to the end the development of their favorite characters.

The second season of “Brothers” turned out to be more interesting for the viewers and reached 8% higher average rating compared to the fall of 2020. The first and last series have the highest results. However, it ranks third among the Bulgarian series broadcast on Nova TV.

“All Inclusive” is a sitcom, which for the third season is a favorite among television audiences. The results of the current season fail to reach success in the first season, but the series remains the leader. The light and fun content is easily perceived by the audience and the production is more watched than the alternative on the same day and time zone on bTV “Sunny Beach”.

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