The return of the Bulgarian series

This year began with a request for an ambitious spring program from both leading televisions, bTV and Nova. Along with the popular show programs and series, the native production found a place in the battle for viewer’s interest. The long-awaited premieres of “Sunny Beach”, “Scars” and “Missing PD” joined the already familiar titles “Stolen Life”, “All Inclusive”.

Тo get a clearer idea of whether the Bulgarian viewer’s interest in them has resumed and what is the profile of the audience of each of them, we followed the reported ratings of their pilot episodes in several target groups, united by different characteristics – age, location and gender. First, we offer you a visualization of the reported ratings by age groups:

Source: GARB Audience Measurement Bulgaria. Period: 22.02-05.03.2021

The chart shows that the youngest audience under the age of 18 has the highest rating of the entertainment series “All Inclusive” and “Sunny Beach”, followed by the crime saga “Brothers”. The other series managed to attract half as many viewers under 18 years of age.

In the group of the economically active population A 18-49 the predominance is for the series broadcast by Nova. All four series achieve higher results than bTV’s competing productions. It is worth mentioning that in this age group the series “All Inclusive” is a favorite and is one of the two titles, which achieves better results in the active group A 18-49, compared to the group of adults A 50+. The second title is “Brothers”, achieving a 31% higher rating among A 18-49 compared to the A 50+ group.

Traditionally, adults spend more time in front of TV. That is why the rating among them is higher than those in youth and active age. The chart clearly shows that among viewers over the age of 50, the new family drama “Scars” on bTV enjoys the highest results with a reported rating of 13.5%. The second favorite title among them is Nova’s comedy “All Inclusive”.

Another factor whose influence we consider in the analysis is the type of settlement – Sofia, towns and villages:

Source: GARB Audience Measurement Bulgaria. Period: 22.02-05.03.2021

Residents of the capital show the greatest preference for the pilot episodes of “Brothers” and “All Inclusive”, whose previous seasons have obviously ignited and retained viewership. Among the urban audience, Nova’s two series, „Stolen Life“ and „All Inclusive“ are leaders, but they are also time-tested productions with several seasons each. They are immediately followed by both bTV series – “Sunny Beach” and “Scars”. The two bTV productions are premieres and obviously their launch was eagerly awaited. People from the villages are split between Nova’s comedy “All Inclusive” and the new family drama on bTV – “Scars”.

To complete the overview of the Bulgarian series, we present you a visualization of the results for men and women:

Source: GARB Audience Measurement Bulgaria. Period: 22.02-05.03.2021

Traditionally, women’s interest in television productions is more pronounced and they are more ardent fans of the series. It is clear from the chart, in which all the series in question enjoy a higher rating among women compared to men. And here the leader in both audiences is the pilot episode of the third season of “All Inclusive”. It is interesting to note that the productions of bTV enjoy significantly higher results in the female audience than the male – the average rating for women is 26% higher.

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