How much do guests “cost” to advertisers?

Since the beginning of the year, NBG and TSH have resumed reporting of added guests audience in the ratings of TV channels. The other TV groups have so far refrained from introducing this reporting methodology. The practice is not new to the market, but with the transfer of all televisions to a single metric since May 1, 2020, this functionality needed improvement and was postponed. Its purpose is to give us information about how big the added guests audience is and what percentage on top to the standard audience (life + timeshifted) the advertisers pay.

Over the years, everyday life becomes more dynamic, free time, especially in larger cities, becomes more and more insufficient. The last 12 months have been marked by more restrictions in connection with the COVOD-19 pandemic. It was interesting for us to analyze the percentage of the added guests TV audience. For the specific analysis, we focused on the audience all aged 18 to 49, which is a benchmark target group for our market. We merged the TV channels according to the groups to which they belong or represent them and first we looked for dependence by dividing the day into time segments:

Source: GARB Audience Measurement Bulgaria. Period: 01.01.-28.02.2021

The summary data for all TVs (TOTAL TV) seem logical – before noon and after midnight the guests who watch TV are few and the added audience is in the range 0.23% ÷ 0.29%. This additional audience increases in the afternoon and especially in the hours after 19:00 till midnight. At the same time, the data by TV groups reveal a different picture. Most of the guests watching TV are scattered among the variety of small niche channels and this is typical for all hours of the day. At BNT TV Group, it is surprising to see that the largest share of the audience added by guests was reported after midnight. For BMG and NBG TV groups, the data appear to be balanced within the analyzed time segments, but this is to be expected, as the two TV groups have about a 75% share in target group A 18-49. It is also clear that the added audience of “guests” aged 18 to 49 in the BMG group is more than NBG.

We were curious if the “guests” prefer certain days of the week and here is what the summarized data by TV groups show:

Source: GARB Audience Measurement Bulgaria. Period: 01.01.-28.02.2021

In summary for all televisions, the least “guests” are added to the traditional audience on Wednesdays, and the most on Saturdays. This data filter also shows the “pronounced” interest of the guests in the smaller niche channels. This is quite normal given the fact that these channels offer less engaging content, predetermining the ability of the audience to “split” their attention between the interlocutors in the company and the TV screen. It is noteworthy that BNT is again different from all the others – the audience added by guests in this group is the largest on Thursday, as much as 0.56%. BMG again reports higher percentages of added guests audience compared to NBG in every day of the week.

As the data by TV groups are summarized, we decided to pay attention to the three main televisions in the country (BNT 1, bTV and Nova), that are attracting the largest audience. Also, in this analysis we visualized the data first by time segments:

Source: GARB Audience Measurement Bulgaria. Period: 01.01.-28.02.2021

We also added a visualization of the data by days of the week:

Source: GARB Audience Measurement Bulgaria. Period: 01.01.-28.02.2021

The observations on the three main channels overlap with the conclusions we stated above in the summaries by the TV groups.

For all who are curious to see more and interpret the data independently, we provide additional visualizations in the gallery. Some of the charts will certainly cause confusion and suppose difficult to explain dynamics in the preferences of guests and hosts.

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A new seventh season of “Bulgaria’s got talent” started on 28th February on bTV.

One more entertainment show started over the weekend – “Bulgaria’s got talent”. The format was missing from bTV last year, but its return is promising. The show has a new host behind the scenes – the popular vlogger Chris Zahariev. Chris will supplement twice a week the online episodes of the rubric “More from Bulgaria’s got talent” with  moments from the show that were not broadcast on bTV. Here is what the ratings reported by GARB show:

Source: GARB Audience Measurement Bulgaria. Period: 01.03.2010-28.02.2021

Nearly 17% rating at the start of the new 7th season of the show grab the attention of over 46% of all viewers aged 18 to 49 and make it the undisputed leader among TV viewers in this time segment:

Source: GARB Audience Measurement Bulgaria. Period: 28.02.2021

The first episode gives a strong demand among all target groups, but it is also the show that reported the highest rating among the audience A 18-49 in calendar week 8, 22-28 February. Only the pilot episodes of the first and second seasons have achieved higher ratings. We will follow the development of the show and share with you interesting data from the upcoming events of the talents.

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bTV’s “MasterChef” against Nova’s “Power Couple”: first clash

MasterChef is a world-famous format, proven on our market. On February 23rd, the seventh season started with the broadcast of the castings, which for the first time were held in the form of battles between the participants. It is logical to take the time to present a brief comparison of the results of the first episodes of previous seasons. Here is what reported by GARB ratings show:

Source: GARB Audience Measurement Bulgaria. Period: 03.03.2015-23.02.2021

According to the reported ratings in the considered target groups, the start of the seventh season is comparable to the results achieved at the start of the sixth season, but still well below the results achieved at the start of previous seasons.

At the same time, Nova broadcast the third episode of the second season of the Israeli licensed format “Power Couple”. The format started over the weekend, taking the lead over MasterChef and managed to grab the audience’s attention. In the coming weeks, the two formats will continue the direct clash for viewers’ attention, so we will follow-up to see which show wins:

Source: GARB Audience Measurement Bulgaria. Period: 23.02.2021

The ratings from the first battle in various target groups are not straight and we will look forward the development of both formats.

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“The day begins”, “This morning” and “Hello Bulgaria” in competition for the audience’s interest

The morning information blocks are one of the most emblematic and watched programs on the polythematic channels. For most of us the day starts with them – to see the news, to understand what the weather will be like, to hear fresh or curious sports news or current political comments. Live journalistic analyzes and discussions with topical guests make the morning hours extremely interesting for the audience, charge our day and give us occasions for discussion in the family, with colleagues, friends and acquaintances.

In order to get a more complete picture of the morning information blocks viewership, broadcast by the three main national televisions – BNT 1, bTV and Nova TV, we analyzed their average ratings for the first 7 calendar weeks from the beginning of 2021:

Source: GARB Audience Measurement Bulgaria. Period: 1.01.2021-19.02.2021

We focused on three criteria to compare the ratings of the programs – age, place of residence and gender.

Traditionally, the attention of the youngest audience in the country is the most difficult to reach and keeping them in front of the TV screen is a challenge for any television.

According to GARB’s data, the young audience under the age of 18 (A 4-17) prefers the morning news block “This Morning” on bTV, and “The Day Begins” on BNT 1 retains the least attention. The group of the economically active population A 18-49 is split between the bTV and Nova, and during the observed period the program “Hello Bulgaria” on Nova has a 15% higher average rating compared to the rating of “This Morning” on bTV.

It is an indisputable fact that the morning information blocks are the most popular among people over the age of 50 (A 50+). It is clear that the group has a strong preference for the morning show on bTV. The achieved average rating of “This Morning” on bTV in the target group A 50+ exceeds that of “Hello Bulgaria” on Nova by 58% since the beginning of 2021.

To get an idea of the preference of the viewers, we divided the audience according to the place of residence – Sofia, cities and villages. In each of these audiences, bTV has the highest average rating compared to its competitors. It is interesting that the ratings of the urban audience (Cities & Towns) and the audience from the villages (Villages) of “Hello Bulgaria” on Nova TV are very close, while BNT 1 and bTV have a clear tendency for higher ratings among the audience in the villages.

For years, the female audience has established itself as more easily accessible by television than the male, whose interest is harder to hold in front of the screen.

The morning information blocks of bTV and Nova are no exception and the results that reach women in the country are higher than those of men. The show “This Morning” on bTV is the most interesting and preferred among both groups, reporting about 31% higher ratings compared to “Hello Bulgaria” on Nova.

“The day begins” on BNT 1 shows the lowest average rating among the three morning blocks, but it is important to note that it only attracts higher interest among men compared to women.

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How the ratings of TV groups changed in 2020 compared to 2019?

We present you a brief analysis of the average daily rating for the target group All 18-49 for the three main TV channels, as well as cumulatively for the main TV groups selling advertising time on Bulgarian market:

Source: GARB Audience Measurement Bulgaria. Period: 1.01.2019-31.12.2020

The announcement of the pandemic in mid-March 2020 and the introduction of a state of emergency in the country led to significant changes in the consumption of television content. Forced to spend more time at home, people have changed their daily habits, and part of this change is a longer stay in front of TV screens. All sport events were canceled or postponed and this had a negative impact on TV channels that are broadcasting sports content.

With the exception of BMG, all other TV groups recorded a solid increase in their average daily rating. NBG TV group marks a 38.7% increase of the average daily rating for 2020 compared to 2019, and in the main channel Nova this growth is 44.1%. BMG’s decline in the average daily rating in 2020 is 5.3%, while the main channel bTV decline is even more noticeable and is 9.9%. For the first time in 2020, Nova managed to surpass its direct competitor bTV in terms of rating. It is fair to note that during the isolation bTV stopped all its premium productions, thus trying to reduce their losses caused by the sharp reduction of advertising income. At the same time, Nova did not stop any of its projects, despite the expected short-term loss of advertising revenue. At the end, NBG’s decision proved to be a win-win and TV group managed to keep the audience as well as add a new one. Founded three years ago, TSH boasts a noticeable growth of 76.1%, but it is important to note that much of it is due to the adding in early 2020 of Viacom’s kids channels to the group of channels represented on our market by the company. The channels from the BNT group also grew by 21.4%, but it was not enough and the cumulative average rating ranked the state TV group on fourth place.

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